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 For our experience!  You win in the long term when you choose SATPRO to install or service your satellite system.  We have installed and serviced thousands of satellite systems over the years. This is why we are able to professionally install your system without the mistakes that other installation service techs often make that may cause your system to fail. These mistakes are often because of poor training, low quality materials used, lack of experience, and pride in a job well done.  SATPRO is an SBCA Certified Installer.  We also try to mount your dish in a suitable out-of-view location, if possible. We see dishes every day that just didn't have to be installed where they were so visible. Many installers do the fastest, easiest install, and often don't understand satellite dish mechanics and angle of signal reflection, or even have a precision elevation and azimuth sighting tools.

 At SATPRO, the owner is your satellite technician, and we only choose highly-trained and competent satellite technicians we know if help is needed. You will not have your installation done by a employee of a large mass service, installation company or DBS company who you will never be able to locate again if needed.  There are many good satellite technicians, but they are hard to find and few and far between.  Much of our service and trouble calls are to clean-up sub-standard installations created by such technicians that may be new to satellite installation, lack experience, and have not had quality training!  An example is when an installer will try to save money on parts he must providelike using less expensive non-water resistant indoor cable connectors outdoors which can often fail in as little as 6 months when exposed to weather. At SATPRO, we use high quality time-tested materials, tools, and methods to get your job right the first time, look professional, and give years of trouble-free operation. Return service calls for problems due to our installations are non-existent.  We Guarantee All Our Work.  See our Photo Gallery.

We use a spectrum analyzer or digital bit stream meter to align all Ku-Band and international satellite dishes for the best possible reception and trouble-free operation. Our inventory of other meters, quality tools and equipment assure your job will be right. This is why we are the first recommendation in our area by many international satellite companies, programmers, system retailers and down-link providers and service companies when they need installations or service for their customers.

Ask questions to get a feel for the experience of the installer or company. There are many businesses who try to offer satellite installations and service, or people who call themselves installers, that may have installed several of this type or another system, and may offer to install your system for a cost that is below the industry standard, remember as with any skilled service, you usually get what you pay for... SATPRO has standard competitive rates.  

At SATPRO, we do satellite every day, and no other business activity to distract us from Professional Quality Satellite Installation, Sales and Service.

           Please call if you have any questions about your specific installation. 

                                               Phone  770-973-1027

                                 Authorized * Certified * Licensed * Insured

Ku & FTA Satellite Dealers:  Do you need installations for your sales in the Atlanta,GA area? Call SATPRO or give our phone number to your customers and relax..770-973-1027

Note:  If you need a ground pole mount installation please call 811 (free marking service) and have your utilities services marked prior to our arrival.


In 1996, the Federal Communications Commission created the Over-the-Air Reception Devices (OTARD) Rules to protect an individual's right to install and use satellite dishes and antennas. The OTARD Rule applies to satellite dishes and antennas placed within the exclusive control of the user and this protection supersedes most restrictions created by state and local governments and non-governmental entities, including community associations and rental properties. The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) has a web page devoted to helping persons who have been told
by a community association, etc. that they cannot put up a satellite dish or antenna or that it is against the association or community rules. They provide the page for the protection and enforcement of your right to install satellite dishes and antennas. If you believe you have been unfairly targeted in the installation or use of your satellite dish or antenna, click on the SBCA link below for help.

A "dish" antenna that is one meter (39.37") or less in diameter and is designed to receive direct broadcast satellite service, including direct-to-home satellite service, or to receive or transmit fixed wireless signals via satellite. An antenna that is one meter or less in diameter or diagonal measurement and is designed to receive video programming services via broadband radio service (wireless cable) or to receive or transmit fixed wireless signals other than via satellite. An antenna that is designed to receive local television broadcast signals.

Unreasonably delays or prevents installation, maintenance, or use.
Unreasonably increases the cost of installation, maintenance, or use.
Precludes a person from receiving or transmitting an acceptable quality signal from an antenna covered under the rule.

Zoning - Private covenants - Apartment buildings - Lease restrictions - Condominium or cooperative association restrictions - Exclusive use spaces like a balcony, terrace, deck, yards, gardens or patio - Homeowners’ association rules - Land-use or building regulations

The SCBA OTARD help:   http://www.sbca.com/otard/

The FCC:   http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/consumerdish.html