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                      Newest Pictures Are Toward The Bottom Of Each Category

DirecTV round dish mounted on the corner of the roof edge in the back of the house. This dish is only for satellite 101 DirecTV's main SD satellite.

< Dish Network Dish 500 roof mount. Tilted to pick up 2 satellites at the same time satellites 119 & 110.           

Dish Network Dish 500 with a second Dish Network Dish 300 (lower) for international or Atlanta local channels on satellite 61.5. Since local Atlanta channels are now on other satellites the second dish isn't use much nowadays. But still used for international channels.

< New Dish Network "SUPER DISH" 3 satellite locations received.  119, 110, 121  This was for German TV reception and Dish Network regular programming.  Many international and local market channels are on a Super Dish.  As of 2007 the SuperDish is no longer used by Dish Network for new installations. There is an LNB update kit for another satellite in the place of the 121 sat. This dish is no longer installed as of 2006. Some are still in use with updated LNB.

Pole mount Dish Network Dish 500. DirecTV can be mounted on pole also. The pole should have cement in the base hole.

< 76 cm Free-To-Air Ku-Band Dish installed at an apartment complex in an out-of-the way area in back.  T5, ETTV Chinese

GlobeCast Ku-Band dish installed at an apartment on a pole mount. T5, TV Polonia

< BJU HomeSat Ku-Band dish mounted out- of-view with the home's AC units and other home services where customer wanted. This was a Home School satellite learning system. BJU no longer uses satellite as of 2009.

Another Bob Jones University Homesat dish mounted on back of this home's roof. Can only be seen from backyard.

< GlobeCast World TV composite dish on pole mount in a backyard to clear very tall trees in the neighbor's yard. On satellite T5, for German TV.

76 cm Ku-Band Dish for DFH Network in back of home out-of-view.  We had to travel 1hr+ to do this install. Another satellite company tried for 3 days to get the signal and wasted a lot of time. They had the dish mounted on top of a 10'  6x6 wood post about 150' from the home that would have been nothing but trouble for the customer if they had been successful in getting a signal. Ku-Band can be tough if you don't have experience and the right equipment. T5, Turkish TV                                  

< 1 meter dish with STAB HH motor, with DisEqC 1.2 This dish can move to view many satellites. FTA Mpeg II receiver and Analog Ku dish on satellite G10R in this photo. We are one of the few companies that install HH motors successfully.

90 cm Oval Dish for GlobeCast World TV for the reception of AIT - Nigeria.  Installed with the other home services boxes on the back of the home. 

< 76 cm Ku-Band dish for Middle Eastern Channels + FTA , DirecTV. Owner only had a small courtyard.

76 cm Dish low and by the side of the home to be hidden from view by shrubs. This dish is for Chinese TV ETV.

< GlobeCast Ku-Band dish on back corner of roof edge. T5, German TV & FTA  or BVN Dutch TV.  It also receives about 100 FREE channels as do all GlobeCast (World TV) systems do in addition to the paid subscription channels.

76 cm Ku-Band dish for BJU HomeSat. High to clear trees in backyard. 

< Evangelistic Satellite TV System for ATN, ACN, 3ABN, LLBN. 76cm dish on roof hidden by chimney. AMC4. There is a new dish for this service that now picks up two satellites for many more channels.

DirecWay {2 way} Satellite Internet and    DirecTV  Phase III HDTV Dish. Phase III dish   looks at 3 satellite locations and is also used for spanish & international programming.                                                         

< 76 cm Ku-Band Dish for "People's Network" channel on AMC4.  Heavy trees at this site, lucky to find a location to the clear the tall trees and near the house.

This is the new Dish Network Dish 1000. Dish 1000 is needed to receive HD channels & Atlanta local HD channels. This dish picks up signals from Dish Network satellites 119,110 & 129. It uses a Dish Pro+ twin lnb and a DP+ dual lnb. This dish is only a couple of inches larger than a Dish 500 and it can mount on the same mast. This dish now (2008) has a new designed LNB and now named a Dish 1000.2 and is called a Western Arc dish.

< This is DirecTV's new AT-9 Ku & Ka band dish for regular and HD programming and 4 local Atlanta HD channels. This dish receives signals from 5 satellites with the triple and dual side LNB's. Local Atlanta channels are broadcast from satellite 103w. This is a heavy and large dish and must be well secured. There are two optional side support arms on this dish for added support. If you have this installed on your roof, ask for the side braces. 

You can never have too many dishes!  Dish Network 119, 110, 61.5,  DirecTV Oval Phase III, Starband Satellite Internet. Two more dishes out of view!  Maybe you can have too many dishes!

< We install HH-dish motors. A motor unit that moves the dish to different satellites that you program into your receiver.  It's like having a dozen or more dishes.  When you change the channel on your receiver the dish will move to the satellite that channel is on.  It can take up to a miniute for the dish to travel. 

We are one of the few Atlanta satellite companies that offer C-Band Service & Repair.  This 10' 4DTV {for digital and HDTV on C-Band} system needed a new servo & Ku Lnb. With an Mpeg II FTA receiver added, the owner could have access to over 1000 channels!

<  This is the newest DirecTV HD dish model AU-9 Slim-Line that replaced the AT-9 dish above. It has an LNB bar with enclosed switch to support up to 4 tuners. It is a little lighter than the older AT-9 dish, but not much.  It is capable of receiving signals from 5 satellites.

This was an installation of a customers StarChoice system for his US 2nd home, a Canadian satellite TV service like DirecTV here in the states. This is a quad LNB dish that picks up two satellites, Anik F2 & Anik F1R linear Ku-Band. StarChoice offers hundreds of channels plus HD. We have also installed Bell Express View for several Canadians living in the Atlanta area. Hockey fans love Canadian systems.

<  This is an install we did of an MS-85 multiple LNB dish from Eye-in-the-Sky.  You can put up to 6 LNB's on the support arm, for signals from 6 satellites.  These LNB's are connected to a 4 port DiSEqC switch. The receiver controls the switch that switches to the LNB for the associated channels and satellite. This provides much faster channel switching than an HH-Motor but is limited to the satellites it's aligned to.

This is our Atlanta installation of a customers Bell Express View dual satellite dish for satellites 92 & 82.  Bell Express View is a Canadian satellite system. It is exactly like Dish Network, with the same type receivers, dishes and programming but some differences. Express View offers SD and HD service.

<  This is a customized DirecTV AU-9 HD dish mount we devised.  We cut off all but the bottom 8" of the stock & angled 30" tube mount to give the dish mount a lower profile. The stock mount tube holds this heavy dish higher than is necessary for many installations.  This install looked much better with the lower dish mount and helped hide the dish from the front view of the home. The dish needed to be high up on the roof to clear a tree. It's also more stable.

This is our installation of an HH-motor Ku-Band Free-To-Air dish.  This was on the back roof area of a townhome.  It has an Invacon LNB. The dish is attached to a STAB HH-100 motor, one of the best. The dish is aligned to  the satellite belt and can move from one satellite to the next for reception of the channels on that satellite.  The receiver controls the movement.

This is a DirecTV World Direct dish for the DirecTV international channels.  This dish picks up satellites 101 & 95. This install was for the Greek package.  DirecTV is offering more international programming. Dish Network has many international channels also.  All for a subscription fee.  The lot had so many trees the dish had to be mounted on a pole to find a clear opening. 

This is an installation of the new two satellite dish for Christian programming from Glory Star for CCN and many other Christian channels from satellites AMC-4 and G-25.  The two LNB's are in a special mount for this Ku-band dish allowing it to pick up the 2 satellites 4 degrees apart. A DiSEqC switch is mounted on the back of the dish. The receiver tells the switch which satellite to switch to when a channel on that satellite is selected by the receiver's user .

This customer has 5 dual tuner DirecTV HD DVR receivers and 1 SD receiver.  A real videophile. The lower dish is a Slimline 5 LNB, 4 output Dish. The upper dish, is the  NEW DirecTV Slimline 5 LNB dish with the new SWM-8 LNB (single wire multiswitch technology). It can provide signal to both tuners of a DVR over a single wire. An option for fewer then 8 receivers the customer must pay. There is a SWM dish/switch for 5 or 8 receivers. No more running 2 lines to a DVR.                               

This is Dish Network's newest HD dish for their Eastern Satellite Arc, Dish 1000.4. It receives 3 high elevation satellites easily received in the Eastern US due to their  46 degree + -- elevation in the sky, 61.5, 72.5, 77. Viewers in the Western US are better suited for the Western Satellite Arc with a Dish 1000.2 for satellites 119,110,129. Satellite 129 can be too low for some installations in the Eastern US and Atlanta. This dish is for new HD subscribers only.

<  This is a dual system we sold and installed for this customer.  DirecTV HD SWim SlimeLine Dish for DirecTV and a 30" FTA international system to two TV's for international channels.  The cables enter the attic from under an existing vent flashing, one of the preferred routes into an attic.

This is an FTA (Free-To-Air) 30" dish with an HH Motor installed on the mast behind.  This dish can move to all the satellites via the HH Motor controlled by the receiver. Most FTA DVB receivers have the software for HH motors. It is time consuming to program the receiver for all the satellites and channels. That is why an HH motor is best for a serious satellite hobbiest.

<  DishNetwork 'Eastern Arc Dish for HD 1000.3.  All new customers get an Eastern Arc or if you have line of site a Western Arc dish can be used 1000.2. All new Dish Network customers get Mpeg4 receivers HD ready for now and the future.  This dish picks up 3 satellites. 61.5, 72, 77.

This is a ground mount on a short pole of a DirecTV SWiM dish for a large home where we installed 10 HD DVR receivers. Yes that is alot of receivers for a private home... 

< Commercial 4.0 meter C-Band dish & a 1.8 meter Ku-Band dish we removed for the US Postal Service. A large crane was used to reach the top of the building. A couple of tons of block were used on the mount for this BIG dish.  Many larger dish installs will require the use of a crane to get the dish, mount and ballast on the roof.  We have done installations in a 30 story high rise building in downtown Atlanta.

Commercial 1.2 meter dish we installed for PSTN TV at US Postal Service main mail facility in North Metro.

< Commercial dish farm!  8' C-Band Dish Data, 90cm Ku-Band Dish DTN Data, 76 cm Ku-Band Dish Mpeg II TV, Dish Network Dish  500 TV.

Commercial 65cm Dish, DTN Data, DirecTV for small office.

< Commercial Restaurant, A 10' &  8' C-Band, our install of a 1 meter Ku-Band for Setanta Sports, a DirecTV dish is in back.

This was a new install of a 1.2 meter dish   Ku-Band for a private satellite TV network.

< This was one of many dish re-points for the USPS Atlanta area when the downlink provider changed satellites. 1.8 meter.

U. S. Naval Center, Dish Network 4 receivers for breaking world news and events. We installed one for the U S Marine Corps Center on other end of the same long building.  We are CCR Registered for Government / Dept.Of Defense work.

Small commercial building. Dish Network was installed for the customer waiting area.

This was atop a small strip center where each business had it's own dish.  The building manager wanted us to move and reinstall all these dishes each over the business it belonged to durring a refoof. He had installed Com-Deck supports for the dishes.

< This is our sale and install of an Andrew 1.8 meter (6") Ku receive only ground mount dish. It is in a small office complex in the back wooded area. The dish is on AMC 1 and will be connected to 12+ DVB receiver cards in computers.

This is our system install for the NEW Fado's Irish Pub in Buckhead.  DirecTV HD Dish and a Setanta Sports 1 meter Ku dish for international sports programming.  These dishes are connected to a mini headend rack with 7 satellite receivers and audio for this fine high-end restaurant. We were consulted on the pre-wire for this job while the building was being constructed. The lightning bolt on the dish is the Andrew trade mark.

<  This is our installation of a Ku-Band FTA system with an HH-motor (out of view on the back of the dish) for the City Of Roswell, GA for RCTV, the local Government access  channel broadcast to the community on cable channels 22 or 23 in Roswell. This dish is atop the city hall building.  The HH-motor allows them to go to any Ku-Band satellite.  76cm (30") dish on Non-Pen mount with ballast blocks.

This is an installation of an aviation satellite weather system for an Air Ambulance company at their hanger. The owner of the building wouldn't allow us to put the dish on the roof so we had to improvise this tall pole mount to keep the dish in the clear.

<  This is our install of a 32" Flat Panel TV in a private office for their customer waiting area.  They are receiving our Dish Network commercial programming package. The dish is atop a 6 story office building in Alpharetta, GA.                                         

This is a 2 dish installation for Atlanta's newest Irish Restaurant "Ri Ra" downtown. One dish is for DirecTV HD and the larger 1 meter dish is for Setanta Sports. These are mounted five stories above the restaurant on the high wall of the parking deck to help hide them from the 30 story attached high-rise apartments that overlook the area. They provide programming to 8 HD TV's.   

This was a repair service for a 12 ft. C-Band dish at the Gwinnett County Government Center.  We had to replace the 36" actuator arm on this large dish. An actuator arm moves the dish East & West to the satellites. The dish also had to be realigned on the satellites.  We also installed a Digital FTA Receiver for them.

These are the dishes for Atlanta's Over-The-Air Digital Station WANN Digital 32.1,2,3,4 +.  If you have an antenna for local digital channels this is where WANN gets the channels you are watching.  They are expanding with many more local channels coming for metro Atlanta.  We keep their downlink dishes operating and on the correct satellites. We aligned all these dishes to the satellites. G17, AMC3, AMC6, AMC4

< 1.2 meter Ku-band dish on a non-pen roof mount.  This is for a national church conference.  Many sites across the country have had this dish installed. 

This is our sale and installation of a 3.7 meter (12') C-Band dish for Atlanta FM Rock Radio Station Q100.  This dish is atop the 10 story Haverty's Building, corner of Johnsons Ferry and Glenridge Conn.  A 60 ton crane was used to lift the dish and mounts in parts plus the 5000 lbs. of cement block used on the mount to hold this large dish down. AMC8.  We also insalled DirecTV with 8 receivers a month later.

This was a quick and temporary install of a 10" dish for DirecTV.  This was for Governor Nathan Deal's Inauguration Jan 2011 during the sever snow storm that shut Atlanta down for a few days. It was placed next the building and overhang to prevent snow from getting on the dish. 2 more block were atop. It was used at an overflow site next to the capital for invited guests. It's signal was feed to several large flat panel TV's that aired the Inauguration live GPTV.  DirecTV can be received with as little as an 8" dish, a strong satellite. 

This is a 3.7 meter C-band dish we peaked on the satellite for WGCL 46 (CBS) in Atlanta after they installed it.

<  This is one of the dishes at WGCL 46 (CBS) Atlanta. It is a 4.5 meter Gregorian type dish.  The LNB's are in the back of the dish. The signal reflects off the large reflector then, reflects to the smaller Concave reflector at the end of the support arms and down the wave guide in the center.  We replaced the LNB's and Filters on this bigboy...

This is an offset C-Band dish used at WYGA for channel 16.1, a NEW local Digital TV station you can receive with an antenna.  We peaked this dish to the satellite. This dish is atop the building under the tall TV tower off I-20 just East of Atlanta.  The roof has a steel grate over it to stop falling ice from the tower in winter.

<  This is a second C-band dish for WYGA Atlanta digital channel 16.3  "RTV" after WSB dropped it. We peaked this dish on the satellite.  It's on the same roof as the dish above and visible from I-20. 

This is a 3.1 meter Dual Drive C-band metal panel Patriot dish that we installed at the new  EUE SCREEN GEMS movie and TV studio here in Atlanta.  While we installed this dish they were taping "Necessary Roughness" USA and "Let's Stay Together"  BET. The "STARS" trailers are in the background. They walked past while we installed this dish. An exciting place. 

This was a 1.2 m Ku dish repoint for the IRS downtown Atlanta. This was view from behind the dish and as you can see it was a "breath holder" since the satellite was "smack dab" over the Westin Hotel and the TV tower atop the building. A satellite dish will pick up what is in the line of sight between it and the satellite in orbit.  It cleared without interfering with reception.

This was our sale and installation of a Prodelin 2.4 meter C-band dish for Prism Broadcasting local Atlanta Digital TV Channels 36.1 + and 26.1+ for LWN - Live Well Network. Available by antenna.

<  This our installation of a 1.2 meter Ku-band dish for WYGA local Digital TV Antenna Channel 16.1 for SonLife Channel 16.2.  Low power TV station. The dish in the background is for RTV channel.

A 4-Bay Uhf antenna we installed for Atlanta over-the-air HDTV and Digital channels. Suburban area. We used a special mount for a clean look, and tried to keep the antenna in an unobtrusive location.

< An 8-Bay Uhf antenna we installed for Atlanta over-the-air HDTV and Digital channels. Fringe area. {35 miles north of Atlanta} This antenna is a proven performer  for over 30 years and we use it often.

Our Custom Designed Stacked 8-bay antenna for our customer who wanted local HDTV in a Very Poor Reception Area {color code violet yet only 9 miles from TV towers} due to hills, buildings, trees and low site. A  pre-amp. was used.  5 degree tilt to up to horizon. Tough One but we got him all the channels. It can only be seen from back of the home if you look up.

< This is another style and manufacturer of an 8-bay uhf antenna for local digital & HDTV reception. This owner tried his antenna in his attic for weeks before he called for help. Sometimes the signal can be too strong and attenuators have to be used.

A typical HDTV setup. DirecTV Oval HD Dish for DirecTV HD programming and an 8-Bay antenna for over-the-air HD reception. If this was for Dish Network HD a Dish 500 would be used. This owner has a 50" $30,000 RUNCO plasma TV. 

< Sometimes the antenna can be mounted in an attic. Attic installations can reduce the antenna's signal by as much as 50%, and  many times they just don't perform well. A pre-amp may help.  Attic installations work best close-in to Atlanta and inside 285. This installation worked well with an amplifier added. This is a small Vhf/Uhf antenna, the larger the better for an attic installation. You can spend hours trying to get an attic antenna pointed and working due to space.

An 8-Bay Uhf mounted on a chimney for added height. The antenna can't be seen from the front of the home. These antennas appear small from the ground, and due to the wire construction, somewhat transparent. Amplified. Wind doesn't bother them.

This is a 3 point mast mount. There wasn't a roof line or chimney with a plane in the same direction as the direction the antenna needed to face, so this mount had to be used on the back of the home.  Amplified.

This is a small 2-bay uhf the owner ordered off the internet. This was the third antenna he  tried over time. We were able to find a sweet spot on his roof for good reception. This small antenna worked OK because the site was off Howell Mill Rd. 5 to 6 miles from the transmitters. If there were no trees, you could probably see the transmitter towers. We added a 10 DB amp to stabilize Ch. 5. Tower separation was nearly a problem this close in. This is really too small for most. 

< This is a "BatWing" antenna that comes free with some satellite systems, or $99, and rarely works satisfactorily. The installer will put it up when he installs the satellite system and that's it, you get what you get or don't. It's nothing more than glorified rabbit ears. If you're within say, 10 miles and clear to the TV towers in midtown Atlanta, then it could work for you. Outside 285, don't waste your money. We replaced this for the customer and got him all the OTA digital channels.                                                                   

This is our attic installation of an 8-bay Uhf antenna.  If you are in a good reception area and green or yellow antenna color code, an attic installation may work good in some instances. This one was mounted high in the peak to clear other homes' roofs in the neighborhood. This install worked well, the home was on high ground in the neighborhood. 

< This is a loop uhf antenna made from the center wire from the coax. This customer was  downtown. Another company had installed a medium size Vhf/Uhf antenna (to Large) and the customer couldn't get any HD channels although you could see the towers from his home 10,000 feet away. Receiver overload. Wacky, but it was the only thing that worked after trying 3 other small antennas. Downtown jobs can be the toughest due to the strong signals and tower separation.

This a nice install of a 4-bay Uhf HD antenna on the chimney mount next to a phase-3 HD DirecTV dish.  If you're in a good location, a 4-bay antenna can work very well.  But you always need the most signal gain you can receive.

< This is our install of a DirecTV AU9 HD 5 satellite dish with a Square Shooter HD OTA antenna.  This home was high and had a good line of sight to the towers.  A Square Shooter doesn't really work to well in many locations in Atlanta with hills.

This is a high power WiFi wireless router antenna we did for a local computer store. This antenna had a range of 10 Km it said. We have installed other WiFi antennas for customers.      

 <  This is a cell phone range extender antenna, the white shaft.  This customer was in a bad cell where he lived.  He ordered a cell phone range extender. This is the outdoor antenna we installed on our tri-mount. The RG6 cable from this antenna is attached to a transeiver in his attic to boost his cell phone signal in his home.  It worked. 

This is the newly redesigned CM 8 bay HD antenna as seen in above photos. The old design has been used for over 30 years and worked well. This new design with today's technology seems to be as good, if not better, than the older design. It is so new I only was able to put one in before it was out of stock due to demand with the upcoming Digital TV Transition on Feb. 17, 09.  It's hard to see the changes to this antenna in this photo but it is a tighter, cleaner design.

< This is another installation of the newly designed Channel Master HD antenna. This was a brick chimney mount that worked well.  This new antenna is aluminium with plastic.  The old design was steel & aluminium and prone to rusting with time.  We install our antennas for long term trouble free use.  You can notice the design change of the antenna.

This is a roof mount of an 8 bay Uhf antenna.  The mount we use is very versatile to give many mounting options. In the photo below it's on a chimney.  If height is needed a mast on the chimney could have been used.  

< This is a commercial HDTV Antenna install at a warehouse office for TV in the employee break room.  They received about 40 Over-The-Air digital channels.  Great for an employee break room.  This is atop a 3 story warehouse.  The antenna mast was attached to the block roof wall. 

Another chimney mount. When mounting on a siding chimney you must secure the mast mount foot on the corner board.  If mounted on the siding planks it will eventually pull out and fall off.  There are no studs to secure to, in the center, behind the siding.  If I needed greater height on this install I would have mounted the mast up to place the antenna above the top of the chimney.  We always use an antenna that has higher gain then is needed to be assured of a trouble free picture.

This is the base mount of a DirecTV SlimLine HD dish on a, "CommDeck" roof dish support that the customer ordered and installed during  a remodel.  It makes for a very clean install.  The base support is under the shingles.  The small attached unit is an XM/Sirius Satellite Radio antenna. It's specially designed to attach to a satellite dish mast. The owner has home XM Satellite Radio. RG6 coax was used.

This was an installation of a customers purchased antenna. He said it worked for a while until the trees leaves came out.  It didn't perform well due to its small size for the are he lived in.  It worked best in this spot in his roof.  It wouldn't work 3 ft. left or right of this spot. I always sell an antenna that has plenty of gain to spare to avoid signal drop-outs.  Since the audio cuts out with the video digital TV is unwatchable when the signal breaks. 

This was an experiment for a customer in rural Cumming, GA  45 miles from Atlanta. I installed a Christan satellite system for this customer who stopped regular Satellite TV.  I realized they no longer had any Atlanta or network TV. So I offered to make this 8" Uhf loop antenna from a piece of coax hoping to get "a" channel. Unexplainable  but every major channel came, signal over 70%. Shouldn't be possible because of it's physical size ! This was a true sweet spot.

This is a traditional Vhf/Uhf antenna on a chimney mount this home was on high ground so this antenna performed good at this location.  

This was a difficult installation for reception where there was trouble with some channels.  We had to use a narrow beam antenna for this job. This is a long range Uhf joined with a Vhf antenna in the attic of this home. An antenna only picks up the channels it was designed for. 

This was used close in to Atlanta for a home in a very good reception zone.  It's a different design 4 element but performs about the same as others.  It is Uhf only but due to the strong Vhf signals it received them fine without modification. Atlanta has both Vhf and Uhf channels.

This is another design of a 4 element Uhf antenna that only works well near the city. This one performed well at this downtown location even picking up ION from the peak of the roof. We can modify this antenna for Vhf reception if needed. We know Antennas.

This was a tall chimney mount for the antenna. Though this was not the best location for reception the "Mrs." had the final say on it's location since the TV towers were located toward the front of the home. The mast had to be extended to clear the roof line. You can't really go more than about 8' to be safe.


< We do sub-contract service and install work for some national commercial satellite network service companies. This was a  service job for HUD Atlanta atop an 18 story building downtown.  The Atlanta Journal & Constitution building and dishes are in the background. We have also provided service for FOX-5 TV Atlanta, Verizon, AT&T and many other large and small companies. 3 meter C-Band

This was one of many dish re-points for a private TV network shown in national retail stores. 1.2 meter Ku-Band AMC1

< Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel downtown Atlanta Dish and Antenna farm atop this 75- story hotel. Once the tallest hotel in the world. There is also a local TV transmission antenna in the center. We performed P/M on  the 1.8m dish on the lower right.                    What a view!

1.8m dish for Sirius Satellite Radio  Commercial System for terrestrial signal repeater near the Atlanta airport. Such a large dish is used to reduce signal loss due to rain fade. P/M service performed.

<  This was a new install we did for CBS  WGCL Channel 46 in Atlanta of a Ku-Band  system. This is on the roof of the main building. There are two 4.2 meter dishes to the left out of view, you can see an actuator arm in the picture. This was a 1.8 meter all steel Patriot dish.

This was a new install we did of a VyVx system for WSB TV Channel 2 Atlanta. It's on one main building's roofs with 23 other dishes of all sizes. {See  Photo Below} This is also a 1.8m steel Patriot dish with a NPRM mount with ballast blocks. Ku-Band on SBS6

< Now this a true dish farm. These are the other dishes at WSB. The above dish is to the left and back in this shot. There are even a couple of dishes out of view in this shot. There are many other dishes on the property, these are smaller ones!  23 dishes total.

This is another 1.8 meter dish we installed for TBS  {Turner Broadcasting System}
Atlanta. TBS is the world's largest broadcaster. From this building TBS programming is broadcast to the world, Cartoon Network, CNN,  TNT,  TCM,   Super Station TBS and many more.  A jaw- dropping place.  See an up link dish below.

< This is one of the many TBS uplink dishes, a dish that transmits the programming you watch up to the satellite to be resent to the down links of Dish Network, DirecTV or your TV station  in the U.S.A., South America and Europe. This is an 11 meter dish.  Hidden behind is a 15 meter dish.  Out of view are 25+ other dishes.

This is a new install we did for WXIA Channel 11 NBC Atlanta. A 3.1 meter (10 ft.) Patriot  C-Band dish and Baird mount aligned on satellite IA6. WXIA, like other TV stations, also has many other dishes, there were 3 larger motorized dishes on this side of the roof to the left out of view. Patriot manufactures a great line of dishes made in the USA.

< This is UPN channel 69 in Atlanta.  There are several more large dishes behind and on the main building. You can see these from I-85 at GA 400 area. We repointed the small dish in the back to a new satellite.

This is PAX channel 14 { now renamed ion } in Marietta. We helped them align the dish in the back for two satellites they needed to receive sports programming from, for rebroadcast.

< These are some of the dishes at Atlanta WB channel 36.  We repointed the small 1.8 meter dish you can see half of in the back left of the picture.

These are a few of the dishes at CNN on top of CNN Center in downtown Atlanta where CNN News originates. These are all receive only dishes. We repointed two dishes, one on this 14 floor roof and one on the 4th floor roof.  See the satellite photo below from another job at CNN.

This was a large job at CNN Atlanta for  dish removal and dish relocations. There were 14 dishes atop CNN, now  there are 5. They plan to build a steel load frame to support the weight of the many dishes. So we had to remove all but 5 of the dishes and relocate a few others out of the construction zone.  When the load frame is complete, the dishes will be replaced and mounted on the frame that is designed to support the weight and get them off the roof. The dishes ranged in size from 1 meter to 3.5 meters.

These are two 30" dishes for a 85-room motel off I-75, south of Atlanta.  We installed the pre-built headend in the photo below. These dishes are for DirecTV, one dish is on satellite 101 and one on 119.  The larger size helps stop rain fade, more important in commercial applications.

This is a 36 channel pre-built DirecTV headend we installed in the 85-room motel.  A DirecTV receiver is needed for each channel the guest room will receive. 36 channels and 36 channel modulators are in the rack.. 

This was an install of a WSI satellite weather system. This was at a private hanger for the owner of a Cessna Citation-X, the fastest private jet in the world, its engines are very large.  We have installed a few others at PDK and Brown Field airports for flight service companies.              

This is an installation of a .92m Ku dish at Hollister Co. in an Atlanta area mall.  This is how the LIVE beach video from Huntington Beach, CA is fed to the two large flat panel TV's in the stores across the country.  Mall installations can very be difficult.  We also installed this system at The Mall of GA store.

Another WSI aviation weather satellite receiving system.  This was for Air Tran Airways at the Atlanta airport. This is atop the reservations building.

<  This is a Music Choice, satellite music for business. Similar to Muzak commercial music systems. They use the Globecast digital satellite system. This installation was for a restaurant.  We service many of these systems in the Atlanta area. 

This is a 53 receiver (channel) DirecTV headend for a local motel in Woodstock, GA.  This is one of several headends we have installed for local motels and hotels.  The headends come pre-built in their rack from a company that sells them. Each rack is custom built depending on the channel package wanted and number of channels offered to the guests.

This is our install of a 3.1 meter Vsat dish (transmit & receive) at Dobbins Naval Air Station for the GA National Guard. It has a 50 watt transmitter mounted on the back of the dish.  This project was to provide secure video conferencing for solders in Iraq & Afghanistan with their families. These systems were deployed in other bases across the US. There are similar systems at the overseas bases. This was a tough install because of the attached transcever.  

This is all that was left of the dish in the first photo above under this section "Sub-Contract Work" on the HUD building. It was blown away durring the 2008 Atlanta tornado downtown . CNN & the GA Dome are in the background . It was a 10' dish.  As you can see in the photo only the steel bent dish support arms are left. You could see bits of the dish atop the building below and across the street. See the replacement dish below.

This is our installation of the replacement dish for the one above that was destroyed by the tornado.  The building this dish is on top of is called the Five Points Plaza Building on Marietta, St. The building has an Asian look and flat open roof so this single dish is clearly visible from Olympic Park and other areas downtown.

This is our installation at ComCast Sports Net Atlanta. This is a 1.8 meter composite dish on what is called a shiskabob mount. Steel rods run through block in a large square shape to secure the dish mount and add weight.  This, like many large roof installations, required a crane to lift the unassembled dish and block to the roof.

<  This is a large 1.2 meter Ku-band dish we installed atop a church in Atlanta.  This dish system is in preparation for a national summit durring the summer.  Hundreds of churches across America have installed these systems for the summit. This one is mounted on a tripod mount. This dish is somewhat flimsy for its size and is hard to peak on the satellite.

* If your company needs competent and professional sub-contract installation and  repair work in the Atlanta, GA area,  please contact us.  


< This is one of many questionable installations we see while out on jobs.  Many installers don't have ladders, so they have to find a dish location they can reach conveniently. This was a real install and not a joke photo!  There are many other places on this home that this dish could have been installed for trouble free reception of DirecTV. This was just probably the easiest for the installer. At SATPRO, we always try to find a dish location not visible from the front street of the home.

Another example of a poorly located dish.  This is the front street view of this beautiful $600,000 home. The dish did not have to be located there, or that high, or even in view!  A sign of inexperience, lack of satellite reception mechanics and just poor judgment. The home owner must not have noticed until after the installer left.  At SATPRO, we always try to choose an out of view or acceptable dish location. Installs like this we feel are just unacceptable. 

< An example of an improper ground mount.  This installer mounted the dish on a 2x6" board in cement. A dish should never be mounted on a wooden post or board. Posts and wood products tend to twist, warp and bow as they go through wet and dry cycles and as the sun heats up the wood fibers on the sun side of the wood. This can cause signal loss. A metal pole in cement should always be used for ground mounts.

An example of shoddy work. Here the installer just left the Dish Network switch laying next to the dish not properly mounted or nor drip loops or weather proofing used. This is a problem in waiting. Notice the cables just strung about. This was an installer of the major satellite company who was sent out to install a second dish and messed up the original install. We had to fix and clean up his job. Substandard work is unacceptable, especially from of one of the major satellite company's installation division itself.

< An example of a substandard outdoor ground block and drip loops. Here, too much excess cable was coiled, up and the ground block was mounted vertically. Excess cable should be cut to create 3 to 5 inch drip loops and the ground block should always be mounted horizontally so water will flow off the block. Here, water will simply run down the cable on the top side into the block connectors and connections, 

Here, an installer didn't have the right wall mount fasteners for the job, so it looks like wood lag bolts were screwed or hammered into the brick!  At least 2 went in all the way. This installer must have been stumped as to what to do with the excess cable he created or maybe this is his version of a drip loop! The connections could be trouble in the waiting. We always try to secure the mount foot fasteners in the mortar joints. If the dish is removed, the mortar can be patched with mortar to look good, but the holes in the brick can't. The mounts usually line up with the mortar joints.  

< Mounting the dish on a tree is not really recommended. It can damage the tree and may require yearly dish readjustment. It could be done for the short term as a last resort and only down low on the tree as here. If higher than a couple of feet, the dish can lose the signal as the tree grows, requiring realignment. Some trees twist as they grow.  We have seen these at apartments  where the owner will move in a year. We installed a new dish on the home of this customer and removed this. 

Here, someone mounted the dish on the wall  space between the garage doors! At least you know where your dish is...

This DirecTV dish was mounted on the roof soffet edge sideways. Note that the dish mount foot is not vertical, but placed so all 4 bolt holes line up on the board. This causes the mount pole arm to stick out from the mount instead of up, so the dish is laying almost on it's SIDE, hard to see from this angle. The cable could have been run under the edge to hide it. Circular polarization will permit this unconventional mounting position.

This is a wacky install of a TV yagi antenna fixed is vertically to a dead power service conduit. Of course, an antenna should not have been installed this way. Must have been a do-it-yourself job. It wouldn't have taken much to do the job right and surely make for better TV reception...

< This is on of the worst international FTA Ku installs. The dish was poorly mounted atop a 30' light pole the owner had GA Power install just for the dish the installer said was needed to clear trees. The installer assembled the dish wrong, used indoor connectors outdoors that rusted out and shorted, used the wrong LNB bracket then tried to rig it to work, it didn't. Sad thing is, the dish could have been mounted on a regular 6' ground pole mount in the same spot.

On this call, the Direcway subscriber lost his business satellite internet connection. On the roof I found that the dish and mount laying on its side. It had been blown over by a wind gust. The installer used a roof mount that required 100 lbs or more of weight blocks like I added to the mount in the picture. But he used the small stack of bricks {15 lbs} instead of the required weight. Bricks don't fit on the mount! 

< This is what can happen to a Dish Network Super Dish if the center 5th hole in the mount foot does not have a lag bolt that goes directly into a rafter.  Here, the dish lost the signal after a couple of months when the lag bolts slowly pulled out of the roofs plywood decking and finally fell over. We re-mounted this front heavy dish correctly. We use optional side supports when we install this type of dish.

This is a common mistake many installers make, leaving un-weatherproof connectors exposed. Some installers use indoor connectors outdoors in the elements which can short out in 90 days. This customer had two Dish Network dishes both which had connections laying on the roof like. One connection was ready to short out due to corrosion inside. We avoid in line connections if possible, or use PPC connectors for splices and/or use self-sealing rubber tape.

<  A few days after taking the above photo, while on another job for a customer who had Dish Network installed for only 11 months, I saw it again, un-waterproofed connectors laying on the ground like in the photo above. When I opened the splice connectors, as I expected, it was corroded and ready to short out very soon. Note the dark rust inside, it should be clean. Satellite connections corrode fast in moisture due to the voltage they carry, unlike cable TV that does not have voltage.

This is from two separate jobs several months apart. The customers complained of signal trouble over a period of months. Some days a channel would work and some days it wouldn't. One of these cables was chewed up by a chipmunk under the house and the other by a squirrel at the roof gutter.  The rodents nibbled all but the center wire.  Recently, we  saw another, where a rabbit nibbled the center wire into. As the rodents nibbled from week to week, the signal got worse and worse...

<   This is a cable connector where the tech or contractor used an electrical connector crimper instead of the correct compression tool designed for an RG6 connector.  We found every connection in the house shorted due the connector crushing the cable and shorting the center wire to the outer shield of the cable.  The right tools can make a difference...

We don't see this too often. Here, the installer used no caulk or sealant under the mount foot or lag screws...none. It takes a couple of years for water to work into the screws threads and start to weaken and rot the roof board. We have seen some screws pull right out of the roof due to rot. We always use a sealant under and on top of the lag screws as many other installers always do!  

This was a service call to realign the dish after roof shingle replacement. The roofers tried to replace the dish after removing it to lay shingles.  But, instead of using lags, they used nails, in this case 13 nails were pulled out of the mount foot.  Nails will pull out of the roof decking with time, causing the dish to tilt or lean as the nails pull out. We see this all the time. Lag screws should always be used to mount a dish.

Here, an installer just drilled a hole through the shingles and roof decking to get the cables into the attic. No caulk was used to seal the hole...I guess if the customer can't see it, it's OK. Or the installer may not have any caulk. Being so close to the edge of the roof, any water would drip into the sofett. Funny thing is, if he had just lifted up the shingles at the gutter top 6 inches below, he could have just pushed the cables into the attic under the shingles and avoided the roof hole.   

<  This is a DirecTV WB68 4x8 multi-switch that the installer just left hanging from the 4 LNB cables under the AU-9 dish.  Water will eventually run down the lines and into the connections. The switch should be mounted with the connections horizontally, it is an outdoor switch when mounted correctly. Also, the optional support arm you can see below the switch only has one lag bolt in its mount into the roof as well as being oriented  wrong...

This was a 1 meter Andrew's dish atop a restaurant used for data. The installer didn't bring any ballast blocks to weigh down the mount, so he took a couple of blocks off of a nearby DirecTV and Music Choice dish mount. A wind gust moved the other dishes and this one that resulted in signal loss for the customer's business and a service call.  Every tech hates lugging heavy blocks to a roof, but it has to be done. This dish mount requires 8 blocks to properly weigh it down "NOT 2".

This is another unbelievable example of a commercial installation.  An 18 lb. cement block was used as a mount and base for a DirecTV dish.  The Dish mount is attached to the block and the block is just sitting on the roof. I was able to move it with two fingers. Signal loss is guaranteed after a big gust of wind from a summer storm or a windy day. There was a second dish like this, I would suspect from the same tech. 

This is a photo of a dual satellite cable going through a hole that the installer had drilled right through the very expensive sealed Neoprene (rubber) roof atop this shopping center building. That glob is silicone caulk  squirted around the hole he made. Penetrating any Neoprene roof is a BIG NO! NO!  If the installer had just followed other cables he could have gotten them into the building from under the A/C unit, like other cables there. The Bldg. owner will flip out if he sees this.

This customer kept losing his new DirecTV system's signal. He said 3 different installers were sent out, but to no avail. It took us about 15 seconds to determine the problem and 15 minutes to fix the problem. The first installer had mounted this large and top-heavy dish on the flimsy apartment's balcony railing with about 15 tie wraps. The dish was flopping around. Unbelievable. We moved the dish to the wall to the right. This 3 satellite HD dish has to be dead-on the 3 satellites.

Sorry, but you have NLOS,  "No Line Of Sight" to the satellites for reception due to trees, said the installer.  As you can see from this photo, the sky is clear for satellite reception. We installed a system. This happens somewhat often we find. We offer second opinion site surveys for a fee. You may have NLOS on Friday afternoon or if your job is too tough! True, some sites do have NLOS and nothing can be done. But many times a signal can be received...

<  On this service call, I spotted this shingle that wasn't laying flat. As you can see, the installer needed to get the dish cable into the attic, so he lifted up the shingle and drilled a 3/4" hole and stuck the cable through into the attic and let the loose shingle fall back. There was no caulk in the hole to prevent leaking. What could and probably will happen here, is eventually, the wind will blow the shingle back and water will enter the large un-caulked hole into the attic and ceiling below.  

This was high on a townhouse roof where 4 holes were drilled through the shingles and roof for 4 dish lines.  Though caulk was used, this is just not a good practice.  Here, it would have been so easy to just lift up the vent stack flashing from the lower edge of the vent, shown to the left in this picture, and slide the 4 cables into the attic and then tap the flashing nails back down and caulk the nail heads.  As you can see the vent is only 10 inches away.  

<  Here again, Dishes were mounted atop cement blocks.  These were on the roof of an International Mall in Norcross. The left dish is a DishNetwork Dish 500 mounted on the 4 inch wide edge of an 18 lb. cap block. The other is DirecTV mounted on a standard 15 lb. block. These probably stood upright until the first storm blew them over. Just common sense would suggest this wouldn't work long.  There were many other properly installed dishes on this roof.

This was a service call at chain restaurant where the DirecTV HD signal was lost on a windy day.  This was a heavy DirecTV HD Slimline dish mounted on a, SMALL dish mount. The mount worked fine for an 18" dish, but when the restaurant upgraded to HD and the new larger dish, the dish mount wasn't upgraded for the larger dish.  Two blocks won't hold this dish in place for long, and it didn't. The normal mount for this dish uses 6 blocks and is 3 times the size of this one.

When I was reinstalling this DirecTV dish after a new roof had been installed the cables  pulled out of the connectors st the LNB!  When I removed the LNB I found that none of the cable connectors had been compressed or closed with a connector compression tool. After compressing all connectors and reinstalling the dish I found none of the dish lock down nuts were tightened...   

On this service call the customer lost the satellite signal when the 1 meter dish mount atop this 5 story building pulled away from the wall and fell to the roof.  The side support arms were improperly installed at the same level as the main support, thus pulling the dish down over time.  Support arms should be installed at or slightly above where they attach to the main support. We reinstalled the support arms correctly.

Note: There are good and experienced tech's that do good, quality work, we've seen their work. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a good satellite tech nowadays. The examples above are obviously not from those satellite tech's. Experience & training make for a good tech.                                    

< This was SATPRO's unique East Cobb County location a few years ago.  It was on a very busy intersection corner.  We were able to demo Dish Network and DirecTV to our customers.  Drivers could see the 2 TV's we had on 24/7 through the full glass walls while waiting at the light from the road in front of this building. Our signage on top was lit from behind at night. 

This is SATPRO owner's home when he was a teenager. In 1969, he erected, guyed and assembled the antennas and this 130' tower, with the help of a hired tower climber when he was 15 years old and with the help of his parent's funding. He was fascinated by radio and TV reception, and had the family connected by 2-way radios in their cars. Atop the towers center was the largest Wineguard residential TV antenna available at the time, amplified. TV signals could be received as far away as 125 miles.  Antennas were installed for local townsfolk by the owner. 

< The above tower was blown down to the ground during a severe storm. The guy lines snapped. The owner, still a teenager, re-erected it 20' higher to 150' with a Quad antenna. The TV antenna was not replaced. This was the tallest structure in his small Missouri town. In 1973, the tower was sold to an area farmer for his 2-way radios. The owner, now in early college, and with the help of a hired tower climber {the owner's parents didn't like him climbing the tower}, when home from college for the summer, he disassembled this tower and moved it to the new owner's farm and re-erected it. It is still standing today, 36 years later, last we spoke to him. 

"Why are you taking a picture of that rock?", asked the joggers as I took this photo. This is actually a small dish cover for DirecTV or Dish Network. It is made of a composite material that satellite signals can pass through. A cover like this can be used when an owner doesn't want the dish visible, like here at the top of a driveway. Or to comply with a home owners or neighborhood association.  

This isn't a wacky antenna, but a home weather station I installed for a customer.  It's atop his 3 story townhomes chimney on a 5 ft. mast, for clear and accurate weather readings. This monitors/logs wind speed, temperature, pressure & rain.  Its data is sent wireless to an indoor station. The owner then is able to stream its live data readings on the web. CLICK THE PHOTO TO GO TO THIS SATIONS SITE.  He couldn't find anyone else to install it.

This strange looking dish is a Full Arc Dish at WCGL 46 Atlanta. It is designed to enable simultaneous reception from multiple different satellite positions without re-positioning the dish with a motor.  The bar at the end houses the many LNB's. The satellites are in a arc over the equator.

This is a look up the TV tower for Atlanta Channels  69.1, 40.1, 16.1, and some FM stations it is 1080 ft. It is off I-20 jsut East of Atlanta. There is a second tower next to this one at 936 ft.

We spotted this on the internet and thought it was funny.  When does a hobby get out of control? 1000 channels and nothing to watch.

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